Webinar Engels: Business e-mails in English

  • Doel U krijgt concrete sleutelzinnen die u meteen na het webinar kunt gebruiken
  • Inbegrepen Webinar van 30 minuten mét persoonlijke opvolging na uw webinar
  • Duur 31/01/2018 - 12:30 tot 13:00

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Business e-mails in English

In this webinar we will first guide you through the basics of email writing including: register, greeting, addressing,opening and closing. After that we will address some of the most common topics like: arranging meetings, sending attachments, inquiries and orders. Finally we will point out some common abbreviations and missing words.

Minimum niveau: B1

Planning: 31 januari om 12:30
Prijs: € 30/ excl.btw 

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