What is a training fund?

A training fund is aimed at building up a training supply within a specific industry . Thanks to an annual contribution from all members, it can provide a contribution to your training and/or open training. The regulations and contributions vary greatly depending on the industry. Here are the most important differences. Click on your training fund below for more information.

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Training fund

Training aid for SMEs thanks to the Flemish Community.

Joint Industrial Committee 110 - textile care industry

 Joint Industrial Committee 109 or 215 - clothing industry

Joint Industrial Committee 306 - nsurance industry

Joint Industrial Committee 209 - metalworking industry – Antwerp

Joint Industrial Committee 209 - metalworking industry Brabant

Joint Industrial Committee 209 - metalworking industry in East and West Flanders


 Industrial Committee 118 or 220 - food industry

The Supplementary Joint Industrial Committee for Employees
Joint Industrial Committee 200


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