Online language tests

  • Purpose To determine your language level online
  • Included Dutch, French, English, German

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On March 16th, Kathleen Heireman spoke about our online language tests at “The value of Language” conference. Using several cases from the telecom and aeronautical industries she exemplified how a large organisation can quickly analyse the language levels and language needs of a large number of employees. 


  • An objective and efficient manner to quickly find out the language level of a large number of employees. A language training doesn’t necessarily need to follow the test.
  • We test grammar knowledge, key phrases for interaction, listening and reading comprehension.
  • You will receive the results in the form of a group or individual report and on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference (E.g. level A2, B1, etc.) Also sublevels (E.g. A2+, etc.) are foreseen.  


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Our languages

Generally we teach French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, but BLCC can teach you any language. Contact our training advisors for more information!


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