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"I started my German language training for business purposes, but also found it a personal challenge to learn German. The personal approach of my coach was what I liked most about working with BLCC: my trainer was entirely focused on my personal learning needs.

Benoit Van Elst, Key Account Manager DIY bij Unilin
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 “During the sessions we primarily practiced speaking German. That is why my fear of speaking has disappeared and I feel more confident when I have to communicate with German customers.”

Eileen Vandelanotte, Purchasing Assistant at Sadef
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"I feel it is important that in the country I work, I understand the local language? And that I am able to have a simple conversation with the people I work with."

Yves Zinggeler, CEO Amgen Benelux
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"I feel much more comfortable when I have to speak on the telephone. I am also able to express myself more fluently in French during presentations and I don’t worry so much about the mistakes I make anymore."

Steven De Winter, hr-officer at Reynaers Aluminium
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“In my function I follow up on clients in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Negotiations, business conversations and small talk are generally conducted in English.

Ward Claerbout, Key Account Manager at Agristo
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“I am very satisfied with the structure of the training and the obtained results. The BLCC trainer was very flexible and understood my professional context. We worked together and in a tailor-made manner – practically as well as content-wise – to improve my knowledge of German.

Donald Wolfs, Global Leader Development Associate at BMW
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“When we decided to also invest in the German market in 2013, it quickly became clear that using only English wouldn’t allow us to go the whole way… If you want to penetrate the local market and build up a solid network, you also need to be able to express yourself in German.

Stefaan Gielens, CEO at MRICS, Aedifica
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“I followed a short French training in function of my role as Language Training Expert at AXA. After consultation I choose for weekly, 30-minute Skype sessions in combination with e-learning. This formula turned out to be very efficient and seems very appropriate for trainees who already have a certain knowledge of a language.

Katrien Van Eetvelde, Learning Business Partner at AXA Banque & Assurances
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"Ludovik is a dedicated language training who delivered excellent work. The training responded completely to our expectations. In the meantime, Ali is already able to express himself quite well in Dutch. Ludovik also adapted his planning entirely to our shift system. We were regularly kept up to date about Ali’s progress and cooperation during the training as well."

Ali Abderrahmani , team leader at Ardo
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“I have really enjoyed studying French and Dutch with Fabienne. She is very encouraging and optimistic, which greatly improved my confidence. She is extremely flexible regarding my schedule, although she pushes hard for us to get the necessary time in to continually improve. Whether I’m happy with the progress made so far?

John Porter, Chief Executive Officer at Telenet
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“For four seasons we have been working with BLCC whenever the hosts of Café Corsari have to conduct an interview in French or English. Their language knowledge is good, but sometimes they need an extra boost when the interviews concern very specific subjects.

Wouter Matijs, Producer at Warner Bros. International Television Production Belgium
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“I was looking for a language trainer who could help me with my English pronunciation. More than 700 people visit our annual seminar. I wanted to be perfectly comprehensible for everybody during my keynote speech. There was an immediate click between Sara and I because of her enthusiasm and background knowledge.

Jérôme Caille, CEO at Accent Jobs
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Yves Zinggeler, CEO Amgen getuigt Yves Zinggeler, CEO Amgen getuigt
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