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Comfortable in French and German

Employees at Reynaers Aluminium often need a refresher course in French and/or German. In the past, the company had already worked with BLCC for individual language courses. Because they were always very satisfied with the results, Steven De Winter, HR Officer at Reynaers Aluminium, contacted BLCC with a request for French and German language courses.

A mix between theory and practice

There was a total of 15 trainees for the French language courses. After a professional screening, the participants were divided per level into four groups. Lydie Galant, a French language trainer at BLCC, undertook teaching these four groups. The questions and needs of the trainees were very diverse since there were different profiles within the same group. Thus our language trainer worked in a tailor-made manner as much as possible: the trainees learned how to communicate verbally as well as in writing and technical terminology was also addressed. Lydie explains: ‘In my opinion, it is important that there is a good balance between theory and practice in a French training. For example, I allowed the trainees to talk about their weekend and at the same time they were also practicing the different tenses. During the course we often read an article or role-played and I also allowed the trainees to prepare a presentation on a topic of their own choice.’ The practical application and usage of the business language is thus always central at BLCC.


Comfortable in French and German

The French and German training courses were really tailor-made, so specific trainee questions and problems were addressed extensively. For this reason, the sessions were not too academic in nature. At Reynaers Aluminium many trainees often have to resolve issues via the telephone or need specific, technical vocabulary. Native speakers conducted the French and German training sessions so no Dutch was spoken during the courses. This is also an advantage when learning how to overcome your fear of speaking. One of the trainees nicely summarizes: ‘I feel much more comfortable when I have to speak on the telephone. I am also able to express myself more fluently in French during presentations and I don’t worry so much about the mistakes I make anymore.’

HR Officer Steven is also very satisfied about the practical organisation of the language training courses: ‘The language trainers were open to receiving feedback and willing to adjust their courses. BLCC offers an excellent service: we always had a good view on the status of the ongoing training sessions and that is very important to us. It is a nice organisation to work with in the long term.’

Steven De Winter, hr-officer at Reynaers Aluminium,
chose a FLEX training at BLCC.


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