Joint Industrial Committee 209 - metalworking industry Brabant

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If you belong to Joint Industrial Committee 209 and your company (or subsidiary) is located in the province of Flemish or Walloon Brabant, you may enjoy the following contribution for language training courses at BLCC:

Tailored individual or group training courses

€ 15/person/hour of training
Conditions: BLCC takes care of the attendance list, a copy of the invoice, a content description. You ensure that approval is obtained from the unions.

Open offer – € 60 or 120/day/employee. Depends on the size of your company.
See the full offer here

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INOM (metalworking industry - Flanders)

All training courses provided by the INOM are provided FREE OF CHARGE. All language training courses provided by the INOM are developed in cooperation with the BLCC!

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Joint Industrial Committee 209 - metalworking industry Brabant


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