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Ich bin ein groβer Fan von die Brand!


Hopefully, you have never said or written this to a German speaker, because it means something else entirely in German than it does in English.* Dutch or even English speakers often believe that German-speakers will understand them if they "Germanize" their own language, because of the many similarities between these languages. The languages, having the same roots, are closely related, and especially many Dutch-speakers have a rough understanding of German. However, it is useful to follow a decent German language course in order to avoid misunderstandings.


The linguistic relationship between these Germanic languages can be an advantage, but it also commonly leads to learners being deceived by 'false friends'. Translating words or expressions literally can make them look like German, but that does not make them correct. A waiter will give you a funny look if you say: “Für mich ein Spa rot, bitte.”

Want to avoid such funny but embarrassing situations? Then BLCC is the place for you. We offer language courses to take your German to a higher level. First, we determine your current level through a professional screening process. Based on the results, we propose a pathway that perfectly suits your needs. The training is done in face-to-face lessons. In addition, trainees can visit the e-learning platform to get additional practice materials.

What makes the BLCC approach unique is the smart language learning mix. A well-considered and well-balanced combination of learning moments to make your training as efficient as possible. 

Our language coach Antje Hennig Wübbenhorst recruits our trainers and coaches them in their training courses. Antje: “Since no two trainees are alike, every language training course is an exciting challenge for me. Every participant has specific professional objectives and expectations. This is why I always start with a thorough evaluation, which sometimes requires a significant amount of “Fingerspitzengefühl”. During the training, I also look out for small signs or formulations, and set clear and realistic, although still ambitious, targets in consultation with my trainees. At BLCC, trainers constantly inspire each other. I am responsible for cooperation within the German team and contribute to recruitment and exchanging of experiences and tips & tricks. For me, language coaching means enabling my participants to discover their own strengths, but also paying attention to their difficulties, doubts and weaknesses and guiding them towards a new level of competence in the German language and culture.”


* Ich bin ein groβer Fan von die Brand! In English, the word “brand” refers to the unique name identifying a product, service or organisation. In German, however, ‘Brand’ is the equivalent of the English word ‘fire’. In this case, you’ve said that you are a big fan of the fire. You can avoid unfortunate misunderstandings with a German language course.

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