German language course at Sadef

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Out with fear of speaking

Sadef manufactures custom-made steel profiles. Their customers come from all around the world, which makes languages very important within the company. Most Flemish citizens don’t have the opportunity to follow many German classes at school and barely use the language in their day-to-day lives. The sale of Sadef products in the German market makes it important for the company’s employees to communicate fluently and correctly in German. This is why Sadef contacted BLCC and requested a German language course.

Speaking German more fluently


Several Sadef employees considered their German skills no longer up to date, not fluent enough or felt insecure about speaking the language. Tracy Dewulf is HR officer at Sadef and got in touch with BLCC. "We had worked with BLCC in the past and were always very satisfied with their language courses. It was thus quite evident for us to rely on BLCC for a German language course. BLCC proposed a 32-hour LIGHT training to Sadef.


Learning German in an easy-going manner


The German course was started after a professional screening. Language trainer Ilse Maes is enthusiastic about her trainees’ motivation. "They often brought authentic material to the training and asked a lot of questions. This is what I used during the courses, while adding my own material of course." The trainees even proposed to organise a guided tour around the production facilities in German. Ruben, one of the trainees, knows the production facilities very well and guided the trainer as well as the others around the facilities. 

Purchasing Assistant Eileen Vandelanotte was one of the three trainees. She testifies: “The language trainer immediately sensed that we didn’t want to be drilled but wanted to learn the language in a more easy-going manner. It never felt as if we were back at school again."

BLCC also offers an online learning platform with additional exercises. This is useful in order to continue learning in between face-to-face sessions during the language training. After the training the trainees can still access this e-learning platform so they can continue practicing.


Out with fear of speaking


The trainees were able to immediately apply their German knowledge when they came in contact with German customers. Tracy: "BLCC is very business-oriented, offers tailor-made work and is very flexible. I only hear positive feedback from the trainees. Also the communication with the company ran very smoothly: someone came to Sadef to introduce the course ahead of time and they really listened to our needs."

Trainee Eileen: “During the sessions we primarily practiced speaking German. That is why my fear of speaking has disappeared and I feel more confident when I have to communicate with German customers.”

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Eileen Vandelanotte, Purchasing Assistant at Sadef,
chose a LIGHT training at BLCC.


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