French language training

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French language training

Even though today’s professional has less and less time to dedicate to a French language training, everyone is convinced that knowing a foreign language offers an absolute added value to performing your job well. 

The way in which this language proficiency is realized is not the same for everyone, however. An eloquent sales manager has very different language needs than a copywriter who needs to be able to write faultless French. Customer service employees have to master certain conversation techniques to really listen to their French-speaking customers so that they can formulate a customer-friendly and correct answer, both in the written as in the spoken form.

At BLCC we have one mission: getting every employee to become operational as soon as possible in the target language, always taking into consideration his or her function and objectives. We do that in every desired language: French, Dutch, English, German, etc. We aim for a maximum return thanks to a combination of different learning methods, always tailored to the trainee.

Are you looking for face-to-face sessions, a state-of-the-art e-learning platform – which is also accessible via mobile devices –, a combination of both or even something completely different? We would like to help you further to reach your goal!

How does a French language course proceed at BLCC?

It starts with a solid preliminary phase: at BLCC we ensure a reliable, thorough screening in order to determine your current level in French and to establish your personal objectives.

We will select a top trainer for you and follow you personally, from the beginning until the end of your training. 

What makes the BLCC approach unique is the smart language learning mix. A well-considered and well-balanced combination of learning moments to make your training as efficient as possible. 

Every training is also foreseen with an adjusted follow-up phase. We advise a personalised course at the end of a series in order to guarantee a maximum return. BLCC offers a wide variety of possibilities here as well: from conversation tables and coachings on the job to follow-up sessions, language tips, pronunciation trainings, presentation techniques, writing and telephoning skills.

French language coach

Our French language coach, Anne Poisseroux, recruits our trainers and coaches them during their trainings. We briefly give the word to her:

“After years of teaching language courses, I have come to the conclusion that not only words but also context and cultures play a very important role in professional relationships between people. Speaking and writing correct French is of course very important, but understanding the French culture and mentality cannot be underestimated. This is also part of a good French language training! Giving language trainings is a real challenge because it means working with people. There are no two identical trainees and therefore each training is different as well!

Working as a language trainer for BLCC is a wonderful experience as BLCC gives its trainers the opportunity to integrate in a team and become a valuable part of the organisation as a whole.

In addition, they have given me the opportunity to do much more than simply give a training: I can share and exchange my ideas and think along with the company. BLCC has taught me that problems exist, but that a solution can always be found as long as we work together as a team with a positive mindset.”

Prêt(e) à découvrir la langue de Molière?

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