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We will use LinkedIn to share and update unique and valuable information for all your business language & communication trainings.

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Can I enjoy a discount as a SME?

Thanks to the Flemish Community and the Brussels Capital Region, every SME enjoys a discount up to 30 to 40% on the total training cost.
Be careful! You need to request your training vouchers at the latest two weeks after the start of the training. So don’t wait for the invoice! For training vouchers from the Flemish Community, go to: www.kmo-portefeuille.be (code BLCC: DV.O105211; code 3L: DV.O105225).
For training vouchers from the Brussels Capital Region, go to: www.werkeconomie-emploi.irisnet.be/nl/suivre-une-formation

How do you evaluate a training?

We make a point of it to personally follow up on every trainee during a training and foresee a thorough evaluation of your progress, possible points of improvement, etc. at the end of the training. We send this evaluation to both the trainee as well as the HR contact person.

How is the screening done?

Via the telephone. A screener will determine your current level via a short conversation as well capture your needs. It is also possible to screen electronically, in case you wish to do that. Contact our training advisors Lore or Stephanie for this.


How quickly can I get started?

As quickly as possible, we will make sure of that! Usually the first lesson starts about two weeks after the request, but in case it is necessary, you can already start up tomorrow. 

How much does a training cost?

The price and training course we suggest depends on your specific needs. Contact our training advisors Lore or Stephanie for more information or a non-binding quote.

Is it possible to follow a training in group?

Yes, if there are other employees in your company who have the same needs and more or less the same level. If that isn’t the case, you can also attend one of our open offer trainings with KULeuven.

Where does the training take place?

At your office or in one of our meeting rooms in Kortrijk, Brussels or Leuven. 

How does a training proceed at BLCC?

Your training starts with a telephone screening: our screener will call you in the language you would like to learn so that we can determine your level and capture your objectives for the training. Based on this intake, we will provide you with a training proposal. You can get started when you like, with a trainer who perfectly fits your language needs and profile. Of course you can always get in touch with us during your training if you have any comments or questions. In addition, we will follow up by phone and at the end of your training a formal evaluation follows. Even after you have finished your training, we don’t let go yet: in case you would like, we can keep you informed about interesting language news!



Do you have a question or a remark? Be sure to contact us. You will receive an answer within 24 hours. 

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