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English, that is totally my thing!


Of course, broken English is very entertaining and can lead to amusing situations. However, working in a business context requires a good grasp of the English language. Whatever your specific need might be, you can find tailored language training at BLCC. Therefore: correct your English before it runs out of the hand!


Thorough knowledge of English is essential in the business world. Do you need legal terms in English? Do you have to give a presentation to an English-speaking group? Do you want to brush up on your English skills? Then BLCC is the place for you. A personal and tailored approach is the core of our business. This allows us to respond to your specific needs and offer you an efficient language training course.

We first screen your current level of English in order to ensure that the course perfectly fits your needs. BLCC then selects a professional language trainer who can immediately get to work on the basis of the screening. The language training is comprised of two components. There are face-to-face and remote lessons, and an e-learning platform with additional materials and exercises.

What makes the BLCC approach unique is the smart language learning mix. A well-considered and well-balanced combination of learning moments to make your training as efficient as possible. 

Language coach Caroline Timmerman recruits and coaches our trainers. Caroline: “A clear and structured plan of action and an efficient use of the lessons are essential elements through which I can help my trainees reach their personal goals. Using e-learning during my training courses also gives me the opportunity to remain creative and to give interactive lessons.”

22% of BLCC training courses are English language courses. Caroline: “Teaching, to my mind, first and foremost consists of working with people, and this is a real challenge. Every trainee is different, but I think that they have to have a few common beliefs. They must accept their level and realise that it's OK to make mistakes. I ask students to articulate their goals and explain what they can do to achieve these goals. Most importantly, the trainees have to believe that they are able to achieve these goals.”


Do you want to communicate fluently with your English-speaking colleagues, your employer or your business partners? Then it would be best to attain a higher level than, for instance, Louis Van Gaal. So why not follow a language course at BLCC?

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