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An easy conversation with your collega's? Follow a Dutch language training course at BLCC!


Although most everyone in the business world speaks English and often French too, good knowledge of Dutch is a must. Do you often have to discuss matters or meet with Dutch-speaking colleagues? Do you want to go shopping or order a typical Belgian beer? BLCC offers a wide range of Dutch language courses.

There are a wide range of diverse situations in which you may need to speak Dutch. Do you need to handle complaints, present your company or chat with your colleagues during breaks? Our language trainers respond to your needs by offering a tailored language course. Screening is always the first step. It is used to determine your current level and to draw up a training course based on the results. Our language coach Els Debrael recruits our trainers and coaches them in their training courses. Els: “We believe it is extremely important that the language training meets the trainees' needs. It is only be ensuring their needs are met that participants remain motivated to work hard to complete the training. We always work on the basis of realistic situations during the training course, and we focus on using the Dutch language.”

When learning a new language, you mainly need useful words and sentences. Our trainers only explain the theory if it its absolutely necessary, such as when you need to conjugate a verb correctly. Most of the training focuses on real-life situations, and we teach the trainees to understand Dutch texts, to have a conversation and to answer e-mails. The lessons themselves serve this purpose, of course, but the students also have access to an e-learning platform. The platform contains explanations of the grammar as well as additional practice materials.

What makes the BLCC approach unique is the smart language learning mix. A well-considered and well-balanced combination of learning moments to make your training as efficient as possible. 

We also encourage students to bring in materials from their professional or private lives to enable the trainer to meet trainees' needs. There is ample time to respond to students' questions or examine linguistic problems during each training session.

Language trainer Lisa Geets: “I am always surprised by what my trainees find special about Dutch. It recently occurred to me that there are no English or French equivalents for ‘staan’ and ‘zitten’, and that we have many words for "dustbin" in Dutch. I acquired a different view on my mother tongue thanks to my students.”


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