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Ali Abderrahmani works at frozen food manufacturer Ardo and followed a made-to-measure Dutch training via BLCC. Why did he do that and what does he think about it? Shortages in the labour market is a challenge every company has to deal with on a daily basis. More and more companies from West Flanders thus look beyond the language border to find suitable people with whom they can work. Ardo has long understood that a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities and languages isn’t necessarily harmful for your organisation, on the contrary!

HR assistant Michèle Beernaert contacted BLCC to organise an intensive, made-to-measure Dutch language training for one of her employees. She had a motivated candidate who wanted to grow in his function, from labourer to team leader. There was only one obstacle… he didn’t speak Dutch.

For this reason, BLCC proposed an intensive FLEX training: 100% made to measure – 200% return!

Michèle Beernaert: “It became clear to us very quickly that Ali needed a made-to-measure language training. He needed to learn our terminology with regard to frozen products as soon as possible, as well as typical key sentences to lead his team. In addition, as a team leader you also need to be able to write reports. For this reason, Ali also needed to develop his writing skills in Dutch. Ludovik is a dedicated language training who delivered excellent work. The training responded completely to our expectations. In the meantime, Ali is already able to express himself quite well in Dutch. Ludovik also adapted his planning entirely to our shift system. We were regularly kept up to date about Ali’s progress and cooperation during the training as well.”

Language trainer Ludovik: “Working with Ali was a wonderful experience. His spectacular progress is due to many different factors: the made-to-measure content is one thing, but also his dedication outside of the training sessions is crucial. Ali practiced specific key sentences in the car as well and his manager was very involved. He gave Ali the confidence he needed to grow step by step.”

Ali Abderrahmani attests: “I am very grateful that Ardo gave me the opportunity to follow an individual made-to-measure language training. I am convinced that the tailor-made aspect of the course was the key to my success. Ludovik used a specific approach which really worked for me and he always took the time to listen to my questions and learning needs… I never thought I would be able to make such progress in one month. I didn’t know BLCC before but I would certainly recommend them to my friends and acquaintances in the future!”


Ali Abderrahmani , team leader at Ardo,
chose a FLEX training at BLCC.


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