Industrial Committee 118 or 220 - food industry

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We will use LinkedIn to share and update unique and valuable information for all your business language & communication trainings.

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If you belong to joint industrial committee 118 or 220, you can enjoy the following contribution for a language training course at BLCC:

Tailored individual and group training Dutch in the workplace BLCC webinar
€ 15/ hour of training with a trainer € 35/ hour of training with a trainer FREE


We deliver the tender, the attendance list, the evaluation and the invoice to ALIMENTO.

ALIMENTO will provide the following contribution for the webinars about language education for foreigners:

1.Open external: a contribution of € 30/participant, no limit on the maximum number of participants/company.

2.Tailored: contribution of € 360/webinar, provided that BLCC submits the necessary documents to ALIMENTO (as for normal tailored training).


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 Industrial Committee 118 or 220 - food industry


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