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Intensive tailor-made language training

“In my function I follow up on clients in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Negotiations, business conversations and small talk are generally conducted in English. My knowledge of English was quite good when I started my job, but in international business, a type of in-between language made up of short sentences and words instead of full sentences is used. After a while I started noticing that my conversations with native speakers didn’t run as smoothly as before. Thanks to an intensive tailor-made language training at BLCC, I am currently brushing up on my language knowledge, refreshing my grammar skills and improving my pronunciation. I am once again able to adjust to every business conversational partner, from South Africa to Japan, and that was my goal. You are one step ahead in every conversation if you manage the language of your conversational partner entirely!”

Ward Claerbout, Key Account Manager at Agristo,
chose a FLEX training at BLCC.


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