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Business success

“When we decided to also invest in the German market in 2013, it quickly became clear that using only English wouldn’t allow us to go the whole way… If you want to penetrate the local market and build up a solid network, you also need to be able to express yourself in German. So we quickly decided that the entire investment team needed to refresh and improve their knowledge of the German language and for this we decided to collaborate with BLCC.

Two years later we have invested more than 100 million Euro, we have started up a German subsidiary, attracted a first German employee and above all… our German business deals are almost entirely settled in German.

Partly thanks to this language training we are now ready to realize our ambition for the future and build up a second home market in Germany.”

Stefaan Gielens, CEO at MRICS, Aedifica,
chose a FLEX training at BLCC.


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