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Language skills are indispensable for business success. We can help you with this. 'Powering up professionals with the smartest language learning mix', is our mission. Kathleen tells you everything about it in this short video
Are you looking for a basic French course or would you like to fine-tune your English presentation skills? Are you looking for a Dutch course for your employees or an intensive German course for professionals? From Spanish to Ukrainian... thanks to our formulas we will always find the right language training for you!


Do you want to learn a new language? Or would you like to optimise your linguistic proficiency for professional purposes?
Learning a language in a result-oriented manner requires a smart approach. 

BLCC offers you this approach. We call it our SMART LANGUAGE LEARNING MIX.


What our clients say


Do you want to have the same professional impact in a different language as in your mother tongue? 

Acquiring language skills that are specifically adapted to your function or your sector requires an approach with impact. We call it our FLEX LINE.

What our clients say


Do you want to boost your language proficiency quickly and for a very specific purpose?​ To give a business presentation or a speech in the near future, for example? Would you like to be assisted with à la carte support for this?

The BLCC Consultancy line is the ideal formula for you!

What our clients say

What our clients say

Ali Abderrahmani works at frozen food manufacturer Ardo and followed a made-to-measure Dutch training via BLCC. Why did he do that and what does he think about it? Shortages in the labour market is a challenge every company has to deal with on a daily basis.

Ali Abderrahmani , team leader at Ardo

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“When we decided to also invest in the German market in 2013, it quickly became clear that using only English wouldn’t allow us to go the whole way… If you want to penetrate the local market and build up a solid network, you also need to be able to express yourself in German.

Stefaan Gielens, CEO at MRICS, Aedifica

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“I have really enjoyed studying French and Dutch with Fabienne. She is very encouraging and optimistic, which greatly improved my confidence. She is extremely flexible regarding my schedule, although she pushes hard for us to get the necessary time in to continually improve.

John Porter, Chief Executive Officer at Telenet

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